Dress Code

There is a not-too-strict dress code at EIA events

Players must have proper uniforms.  Uniforms instill a sense of purpose and unity and they offer the player a safer and more comfortable combat experience.  (Plus they make you look really cool!)  Durable clothing and boots are required to play.




Boots:  Must provide ankle support and not easily come off the foot.  Sneakers or other types of civilian footwear are not allowed.  Hiking boots that provide ankle support are permitted.   Military-style combat boots are preferred.


Pants:  No blue jeans or shorts allowed. (except for certain games and/or events...players will be notified ahead of time)  Pants must be military camouflage, OD green, ACU, and/or black and durable.


Tops: T-shirts are allowed but must not be red, orange, yellow, blue, white, or any other bright color.  Military issue blouses and/or shirts are highly recommended.


Tactical vests and chest rigs are also highly recommended.  Keeping your mags or other items in your pants pockets is a bad idea.  They will fall out!


Full head-to-toe ACU uniforms are only permitted during winter games.  ACU tac vests, holsters, pants, and gun camo are permitted for regular games.  


Basically, if it looks civilian, it isn't permitted.  If it's all ACU, it isn't permitted.  Go to your nearest military surplus store and get geared up!


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