Eye Protection Rules 

Anyone who is located within any designated shooting areas must wear "approved" goggles or a face mask at all times.   

"Approved" goggles include models whose lenses are rated as impact resistant in accordance with ANSI Z87.1  standard for ballistic protection. 

Each player is responsible for ensuring that their goggle system meets the above criteria and should refer to the ANSI 87.1 standards to decide for themselves whether their goggles or mask offer them the protection they desire and are solely responsible for acquiring the level of eye protection at a safety rating they feel necessary beyond the limits set here.  Eastern Iowa Airsoft assumes no responsibility for any goggle/mask system's failure.

If a player or spectator is found removing his or her goggles within the designated shooting/game play area, he/she will be asked to immediately leave the field until they can show that their eye protection has been repaired.  If, at any time, a player’s goggles become dislodged or are removed, all play in that area of the field must be stopped immediately until the situation is rectified.

NOTE:  A full face mask is not required for players age 16 & up, although it is strongly suggested. Players opting not to wear a full face mask are strongly encouraged (though not required) to wear a balaclava, shemagh type of head or face covering beneath their goggles to provide some degree of protection to the bare skin of the face and neck areas.  The 6 mm plastic airsoft BBs do not carry the same impact or weight of a paintball, but will still sting, welt, and sometimes break skin depending on the distance and/or velocity the shot is received from.  It is each player’s responsibility to take proper precautions and protection and/or accept responsibility for any injury, minor or otherwise, should the proper protection or precautions not be observed.

Mesh masks and goggles

Mesh face masks and goggles are permitted on a case-by-case basis.  BB's can splinter on impact with the mesh and potentially send fragments into the eye.  That would not be good. 

Mesh eye protection will be allowed if the player can prove that he or she is wearing ballistic rated eye protection underneath.  (depending on a designated referee's decision)  Documentation must be provided.

Shooting glasses and shop glasses are prohibited.



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