FPS and Engagement Limits

 The FPS and engagement limits at EIA events are as follows:

*Revised on 2/4/13*

• 1 - 350 fps – 10 foot engagement limit
• 351 - 400 fps - 20 foot engagement limit
• 401 - 550 fps – 100 foot engagement limit.  Bolt action or permanent semi-auto weapons only. 

Exception: If a gun capable of fully automatic firing is found to be shooting consistently right at 400 fps, the player may choose to use that weapon as a DMR. (designated marksman rifle)  If they do, the engagement limit is permanently set to 100 feet and the weapon must be shot on semi-auto only. (and yes, I do keep an eye on DMR players to make sure they obey these restrictions)

551+ fps - Prohibited

(these standards are subject to change depending on the event...players will be notified ahead of time)




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