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There are so many kinds of camo.  What's the best type of camouflage to wear?

That all depends on where you're playing at and which season you're playing in.  Woodland, Desert, Marpat, Flecktarn, and Multicam camo all work well depending on the season.  Choose the design you like best for the environment you'll be fighting in.  You will eventually want to own more than one outfit so you can fight effectively no matter where you're playing.

Where can I buy good quality military clothing?

If you live in or around the Cedar Rapids area, Uncle Stan's Military Surplus in Marion, Iowa is an excellent place to purchase camouflage shirts, pants, boots, hats, and other durable clothing.  Their prices are low and you can fully outfit yourself for around $50-$100.  If you don't live in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area, I recommend visiting the nearest military surplus or sporting goods stores.  They should have everything you need.

How important is it to wear good footwear?

Very important!  A good pair of boots will make all the difference in the world during your combat experiences.  You want a sturdy pair that provides good ankle support.  A Dr. Scholls or other similar insert can also provide extra comfort throughout the day.  Many new players tend to wear sneakers.  Bad idea.  They will get filthy dirty and may even come off your foot if you step in thick mud.

Sneakers are not permitted at EIA events.

Why is full ACU camouflage discouraged?

It makes you stand out in woodland environments.  

ACU is good for urban and winter combat.  In a woodland environment, the enemy team can easily spot you and you're much more likely to get shot and/or draw enemy fire towards your teammates if you're positioned near them. 

I've heard it isn't a good idea to buy airsoft guns from sporting goods stores or from other big box stores.  Is that true?

Yes.  When it comes to Airsoft, you truly do get what you pay for.  If you only want to spend $30-$50, then you're going to get a substandard gun that won't shoot as hard or as fast as you want it to.  You will literally be outgunned on the field.  Plus, those low quality guns won't last as long and you'll just end up having to buy another one sooner than you think.  Your best bet is to purchase a good, solid, quality AEG from a reputable dealer.

Does bb quality really matter?

Yes it does!  Putting low quality bb's through your gun is a recipe for disaster.  They can break apart inside the weapon and cause all kinds of problems.  When shopping for bb's, make sure they are highly polished and have no visible seams.  Good quality brands include: Elite ForceAirsoft Elite, G&G, KSC Perfect BB, Matrix, Echo 1, Mad Bull, P Force, Systema, and King Arms.

Never use the bb's that came packaged with your gun!  Throw them in the trash or even better, the recycling bin. 

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