What is Eastern Iowa Airsoft?

Eastern Iowa Airsoft (or EIA for short) is an organization created in 2009 to promote the extreme sport of Airsoft.  My aim is to provide players with a fun and safe place to legally play here in eastern Iowa.

Who are you?

My real name is Jamey but most everyone in the Airsoft community calls me Ash.  I am 41 years old and was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

What type of Airsoft do you play?  Do you play hardcore MilSim or regular team vs. team games?

We play team vs. team gametypes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Escalation, and other variants.  Most games have a time limit and usually run between 15-30 minutes in length.  Basic game and respawn rules are announced before each match.  (If you're looking to play MilSim, you won't find it here)

What about safety?  

Safety is the number one priority.  The safety rules are thoroughly reviewed before each skirmish and I make sure that everyone understands and agrees to them before they participate. You can download a copy of the official rules HERE.

What are your rules for Eye Protection?

Anyone who is located within any designated shooting areas must wear "approved" goggles or a face mask at all times.  If a player or spectator is found removing his or her goggles within the designated shooting/game play area, he/she will be asked to immediately leave the field until they can show that their eye protection has been repaired.  If, at any time, a player’s goggles become dislodged or are removed, all play in that area of the field must be stopped immediately until the situation is rectified.

"Approved" goggles include models whose lenses are rated as impact resistant in accordance with ANSI Z87.1  standard for ballistic protection.

Each player is responsible for ensuring that their goggle system meets the above criteria and should refer to the ANSI 87.1 standards to decide for themselves whether their goggles or mask offer them the protection they desire.  Each player is solely responsible for acquiring the level of eye protection at a safety rating they feel necessary beyond the limits set here.  I assume no responsibility for any goggle/mask system's failure.

NOTE:  A full face mask is not required for players age 16 & up, although it is strongly suggested. Players opting not to wear a full face mask are strongly encouraged (though not required) to wear a balaclava, shemagh type of head or face covering beneath their goggles to provide some degree of protection to the bare skin of the face and neck areas.  The 6 mm plastic airsoft BBs do not carry the same impact or weight of a paintball, but will still sting, welt, and sometimes break skin depending on the distance and/or velocity the shot is received from.  It is each player’s responsibility to take proper precautions and protection and/or accept responsibility for any injury, minor or otherwise, should the proper protection or precautions not be observed.

Do you allow mesh masks or goggles?

Mesh face masks and goggles are permitted on a case-by-case basis.  BB's can splinter on impact with the mesh and potentially send fragments into the eye.  That would not be good.
Mesh eye protection will be allowed if the player can prove that he or she is wearing ballistic rated eye protection underneath.  (depending on a designated referee's decision)  Documentation must be provided.

Shooting glasses and shop glasses are prohibited

Is there a minimum age limit to play?

Yes.  12 years of age is the current minimum age limit.  

Parents wishing to go out onto the battlefield to watch their son or daughter play should bring their own "approved" eye and face protection and brightly colored neon orange or yellow vest .  (see eye/face protection standards above)

Do I have to sign a waiver to play?

Yes.  All participants are required to sign an accident and liability waiver that I provide.  There is a seperate section of the waiver for minors that they and their parent or guardian must also sign.  Minors aged 16 and 17 attending without a parent or guardian must print out the waiver, sign it, have it notarized, and bring it with them to the event.  I will keep all notarized waivers on file and they are good for up to one year from the notarization date.

Waivers can be downloaded HERE

Wait...If I'm 16 or 17 years old, I have to get the waiver notarized?

Yes.  I require this because the possibility exists that an unaccompanied minor 16 or 17 years of age could forge a parent or guardian's signature on the waiver in an attempt to attend an EIA event.  Having the waiver notarized lets me know that you really do have written permission from a parent or guardian to attend any EIA events.

Notarization of the waiver is a simple, quick, and easy process.  Most banks have a notary public on staff and many of them will notarize the waiver for free. 

First, you'll need to download and print out the waiver.  Then, you'll need to call your local banks to find out for sure if they have a notary on staff.  Your parent or guardian will have to accompany you to the location.  The notary public will witness you and your parent or guardian's signatures on the waiver, sign it, and stamp it.  The only thing left to do after that is to bring the notarized waiver with you to the event along with a valid state issued or school photo I.D.

NoteMinors 16-17 years of age who are accompanied by a parent or guardian to EIA events are exempt from the notarization rule, though it is in their best interests to get the waiver notarized should their parent or guardian be unable to accompany them to future events.

I'm thinking about getting into Airsoft.  Can I just come and watch?

Sure!  Several people have come out to our skirmishes just to observe and see what Airsoft is like.  Airsoft requires a sizeable commitment of both time and money, so it's understandable when someone wants to come and watch a few games before deciding if it's something they really want to get into. 

All spectators are required to sign the accident and liability waiver (see waiver details below) and must wear approved eye protection at all times while on the playing field.  Brightly colored neon orange or yellow clothing must be worn by spectators at all times in order to avoid being shot.  (though that still may happen by accident)

There is no charge to watch a game.

Are orange tips required on weapons?

No.  Orange tips are not required on any weapons at EIA events 

I don't own an Airsoft gun or any gear.  Do you provide or rent those items?

Not yet.  You must bring your own guns and gear to each event.  Other players often bring more than one gun so I would recommend asking one of them to see if they'd let you borrow or rent one of theirs.  (the Forum here would be the best place to ask)

Do you chronograph each player's weapons?

Yes.  Every single weapon is chronographed to determine it's FPS. (feet per second)  If a weapon is found to be shooting too hot, it will not be permitted and the player must either adjust its internals to lower the FPS or use an alternate weapon.

What are the FPS and engagement limits?

The EIA FPS and engagement limits are as follows:

*Revised on 2/4/13*

1 - 350 fps – 10 foot engagement limit
351 - 400 fps - 20 foot engagement limit
401 - 550 fps – 100 foot engagement limit.  Bolt action or permanent semi-auto weapons only. 

Exception: If a gun capable of fully automatic firing is found to be shooting consistently right at 410 fps, the player may choose to use that weapon as a DMR. (designated marksman rifle)  If they do, the engagement limit is permanently set to 100 feet and the weapon must be shot on semi-auto only. (and yes, I do keep an eye on DMR players to make sure they obey the restrictions)

551+ fps - Prohibited

(these standards are subject to change depending on the event...players will be notified ahead of time)

Which BB weight do you chrono with?

All weapons are chronographed with .20 and .25 gram bb's.

Are there mag restrictions?

No.  There are currently no magazine restrictions. 

(this rule is subject to change depending on the event.  Players will be notified ahead of time)

Does EIA have an official team or squad?
Not yet.

I have additional questions.  Do you have a phone number or e-mail address where you can be reached?

I can be reached at (319) 535-0625  My e-mail address is [email protected].  Please text, e-mail or leave a message if I don't answer and I will try to respond within 24 hours.  

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